Our solar company sells and installs solar electric systems and batteries anywhere in California. Licensed (B548164), bonded and insured.

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What size system do you need?

Divide the yearly amount of kwhs (kilowatt hours), that you need replaced, by 1.60, and that will get you the system size for a south-facing roof.

Example- If your roof faces due south, and you would like to produce 7,000 kwhs per year: 7,000/1.60= 4.375 which means a 4.38 kw system, which we round off to 4.4 kw. You would then need eleven 400 watt solar panels (11X400= 4,400= 4.4kw solar system). If your house faces due west, then multiply the total by 1.055 (4,375 x 1.055= 4,616 = 4.6 kw), and if due east multiply by 1.15.

Do you have a Tesla, Volt or Leaf? All you need is four 365 watt panels to get over 8,700 free miles per year. 

   1,460 watt solar system (1.46 kw)
 x  1.60 (multiplier to arrive at yearly production)
   2,336 kwh's produced per year (south facing panels)
 x  3.75 miles per kwh driven
  8,760 miles driven per year - powered by solar

$1,547.00 saved in gas costs per year. (8,760 mi/30 mpg=292 gallons x $5.30 per gal=$1,547.00)

Mother Nature Solar electric systems - sales and installation 

Standard components-
Q-Cell Q.Peak Duo Blk G10+ 400 mono black panels- elite panels, Q-Cell provides a 25 year production guarantee, a 25 year workmanship and material guarantee (and Mother Nature Solar warranties 25 years free labor for replacement). 
Enphase IQ8+ inverters- Enphase provides a 25 year production warranty (and Mother Nature Solar warranties 25 years free labor for replacement).
Unirack racking

Enphase IQ Combiner box 
Enphase S metered Envoy computer- 5 year guarantee
Balance of system- 10 year guarantee by Mother Nature Solar

The S metered Envoy is Enphase's latest monitoring system. It will allow you to monitor both your electric consumption and solar production. It is also "battery ready", so that you could add a battery system at a later date. Enphase has the best battery systems on the planet, by far.

We install other brands of solar panels too! If they're available of course- REC, Canadian Solar, Panasonic, LG, Silfab, etc.

Don't get overcharged by bay area solar companies. Mother Nature Solar installs complete solar systems for as low as $2.69 per watt!  That makes us the absolutely cheapest solar energy installation company in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego, as well as the entire state of California! The average installed price in 2022, charged by bay area solar companies, is an outrageous $3.96 per watt. We also use the best solar panels and the best inverters, with the longest warranties. Our prices are so low that many times our system will pay itself off in 3.5 years (or less)!

We sell and install solar PV systems anywhere in California!
kw $2.69 watt installed

6 kw $2.89 watt installed

4 kw $3.19 watt installed

3 kw $3.89 watt installed


Add 10 cents per watt for concrete tiles

Add 15 cents per watt for spanish tiles

Group Discounts!

2 installs $.05 per watt less each, 3+ installs $.10 less per watt each.